Aaron Junior Turner


The Healing Artist Project, by A.J. Turner

My story is not typical but it is important to tell as it will give you a glimpse of what I have to offer as a mentor, a motivator and performing arts coach.

A near fatal car accident left me badly injured and clinging to life. But I am a fighter and refused to give up. In only 5 years I went from being in a coma to receiving my Bachelor of Arts Degree, which continued for 15 years with a career in music, theatre, musical theatre, and Film/TV.  

You’ll find that I apply that same never-give-up attitude to all my endeavours.

My passion in life is entertaining people. I’ve done this through writing and singing songs, acting on stage and on screen, and in hospitality.    As a consummate performer I’ve had a lot of experience entertaining others, spending half of my life as a performing artist and the other as a HEALING ARTIST. 


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